Individual & Small Group Programs & Activities

Wide Range of Programs
The variety of programs at The Greens at Greenwich is based on an individualized care plan. Programs range from Tai Chi and Yoga to the always popular Gym Guyz. Musical activities are on-going and include karaoke, community drumming and concerts. We have jewelry making, painting, collage, gardening, flower arranging as well as art appreciation, through “Reflections on Art”, with Darby Cartun.

Creative Arts Therapy is Goal Oriented, Purposeful and Person Centered
It includes art, music, drama and dance/movement. Each awakens memories and emotions through the use of color, texture, materials, movement and sounds. They all encourage a sense of play and joy, causing actual changes in the brain’s chemistry. More importantly, creative arts therapy empowers a resident and provides them with a sense of belonging.

Using Technology as a Tool
We use the Smart Board as a tool for residents to be able to escape the shadow of their illness and stimulate their brains. The Smart Board is our interactive large screen that allows residents to engage in cognitive games, word jumbles, trivia and other word challenges.

Religious Services and Weekly Concerts
We have Worship, Bible Studies, Shabbat and Chaplaincy services. Saturdays are family days when we provide entertaining concerts allowing family to spend quality time with their loved ones.

Trips and Celebrations with Family and Friends
Residents look forward to trips to the theatre, parks, ferry rides and getting ice cream. Holidays of all types give us a wonderful excuse for celebration with family and friends. Our residents enjoy the new friendships they make at The Greens at Greenwich.

The variety of programs is the key to engaging the residents in their new community. My mother takes part in every activity and this is quite against her nature. She loves the music programs, art, even exercise and trips to the theater and museums.