Specialists in Dementia Care

The Greens at Greenwich Specializes in Dementia Care
Our residents are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and other dementias, traumatic brain injury, stroke, Parkinson’s, and other cognitive difficulties. Our staff is trained and has extensive experience in handling all the complexities of dementia care including challenging behaviors, communication difficulties, visual and spatial impairments, anxiety, depression, isolation, executive functioning, and issues relating to the diseases of dementia.

Our Staff Knows the Unpredictability of the Diseases
Our unique experience and knowledge is based on working day to day with known experts in the field, collaboration with the Alzheimer’s Association Connecticut Chapter and selecting our care team based on attentive listening skills and a desire to understand the residents' context, perception, personal history and how they relate to the whole person--mind body and spirit. We are leaders in our community for dementia care and are making a positive difference in residents' lives through our individualized care plan. It’s what we live and breathe with support and compassion everyday with every resident.

We Work with Families to Create Quality Time with their Loved Ones
We assist residents daily with challenging behaviors that allow you to visit your loved one without the 24/7 stress of being their primary caregiver. Whether it’s attending a Saturday concert or attending one of our Events or coming to one of our Support Groups, we understand that challenges created by cognitive issues are a family matter and we assist you in navigating this new world. Your relationship with your loved one has changed so we work with you to find new connections together, whether it be listening to music, doing a new activity or sitting quietly and holding hands.

I spent my life putting up walls to protect myself. Now they're letting me go and I'm guessing I'm closer to my authentic self.