A Compassionate Family Care Team

We Provide Friendship and Understanding
Whether it is our chef, executive director, administrative assistant or aide, we work together as The Greens Family. We address the resident's innate need for connection and relationships. We understand the resident's concerns and emotions as well as the purely physical nature of the medical condition. We are committed to nurturing the whole person by respecting the mind body and spirit.

The Greens at Greenwich received the Excellence in Action Award from The National Research Corporation. The award designates that The Greens at Greenwich has achieved all-around excellence in senior living accommodations, recreation, socialization, security, staff and leadership, and serves residents and their families with the most complete and continuous dedication to patient-centered care.

Dad is respected and revered for his service as a veteran. He is treated with compassion and feels his dignity every day.

We Make Your Loved One Feel Special
Our compassionate family care team understands how unique and special your loved one is. We are family when family can't be there. Our staff to resident ratio combined with our cozy home gives each resident a feeling of being special. We enjoy hearing the stories of the greatest generation that need to be told over and over. We love what we do and it shows.

We Understand that Each Person's Memory Issue is Different
The diseases of the brain are messy and unpredictable. What do you say after your loved one has asked the same question fifty times? How do you patiently care for your loved one who gets angry and anxious over taking a shower or getting dressed? Our staff is trained and undergoes continuing education in the care of people with dementias. We work with families to develop a new meaningful relationship with their loved one as they change.