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I first discovered The Greens when I gave a tour to 15 residents of The Greens at the Flinn Gallery in the Greenwich Library for the show, Reclaim Reprocess in winter 2017. I thought, “What a great assisted living place who takes their residents into the community!”

After my mother passed away with dementia in 2016, I wanted to give something back to the elder community and developed a “Smell Therapy” session that I call Essential Awakenings ™. To conduct the sessions, I designed a Smell and Memory tool kit that consists of various basic smells allowing a multi-sensorial and interactive way for residents to connect with smell as it relates to nature and memories of the past.

Meeting Beth, Program Director, at The Greens opened a new door for me to provide new connections with residents at The Greens by using their mind in a different way. I began my Essential Awakenings Smelling Sessions in February 2017, and have enjoyed the many stories and connections I have made with the residents at The Greens. My sessions here and at other places have brought back memories like the story of the mother who recalled the smell test her son had to take before he went into the army. We had such a great talk about her son and memories. Another scent session brought back the smell of grass to a resident and then a story unfolded about the vivid enjoyment of making pumpkin pies.

I really enjoy doing the sessions at The Greens. It is such a cheerful environment, warm and homelike. I just love all the beautiful light, the garden and always enjoy Beth and the upbeat staff. It is joy to share new connections and memories through scent.

Ruth Sutcliffe, Founder
The Scent Guru Group, LLC

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