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The Greens at Greenwich Difference

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Creative Arts Therapy

Where language fails, creative arts therapies can provide your loved one with new ways of expression through the universal languages of dance, music, storytelling and art making. We are unique in offering creative arts therapies as a core part of our programming. The Greens is a recognized leader in utilizing the creative arts therapies as a significant component to the new culture of memory care. The Greens is the only assisted living community providing all the creative arts therapies by licensed and accredited therapists on staff.


Our People Are the Heart of Our Care

“What makes The Greens the best choice is the heart and the care and the concern. It is genuine.”

-Lynn, daughter of resident

Our people make The Greens at Greenwich the heart of our home. Our warm, joyous professionals and staff are trained and coached in memory care, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.  We speak the language.  As a family member you can trust and be comforted that The Green’s family is making a difference in your loved one’s life day after day.


Home is a Feeling

The moment you walk into The Greens you will feel at home. You’ll love our warm inviting family setting where everyone participates in the care of your loved one. Our small intimate assisted living home is where people love and care for you 24/7.


Excellence in Dementia Care

Each member of our team understands that each individual is unique and deserving of respect and dignity throughout their life journey.   All our staff including the chef, office manager and housekeepers are educated and comfortable in caring for those with dementia.

Individualized care plans are developed to empower and create a sense of wellness and belonging to the individual.  The intimacy of our home makes it easy to recognize that each person’s journey is unique.  The need for on-going spontaneity based on where an individual is that day is of utmost importance.

Through our creative arts therapies and other extensive programs, our care plans recognize the whole person—body, mind and spirit. Maria Scaros, Executive Director, Creative Arts Therapist and Clinical Chaplain, is passionate about the care provided in our community.

All inclusive monthly fee covers all levels of care provided by The Greens.


Call Us — Schedule a visit to learn more. 203.531.5500
Call Us — Schedule a visit to learn more. 203.531.5500