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The Region’s Trusted Community for Compassionate Memory Care

The Greens at Greenwich has been providing Excellence in Dementia Care for over 20 years. Whether you call it Memory Care, Alzheimer’s Care or Dementia Care, we are the silver lining for your loved ones new normal.

We Celebrate Your Loved One’s Story

  • Memory shifts and fades throughout our lives—it is a combination of partial memories, fiction and new realities—stories live forever.
  • We celebrate the gift of the “story” through creative arts therapy, the new best medicine for memory care.
  • We are the recognized leader in the field and the only assisted living community to provide creative arts therapies by licenses and accredited staff.

We Ensure Safety and a Carefully Trained Staff

  • We continue to be safe and COVID-free.
  • Our staff is carefully selected for qualities of compassion, empathy and passion for working with a population with memory impairment.
  • Our extensive training and support are reflected in the longevity of our staff. Many of our staff have been with us for over five years.
  • We provide emotional, environmental and personal safety.
  • We are a small intimate residence—30 residents
  • Our monthly fees are all-inclusive. As care changes, fees stay the same.

We Provide Dignity, Empowerment & Family

  • We understand the diseases related to memory loss and guide your loved ones as they change and help them develop coping skills related to their new normal
  • In their new journey residents find empowerment and enrichment through daily activities and care.
  • New friendships and connections provide self-affirmation.

We Partner with You for a Smooth Transition

At The Greens at Greenwich we partner with families to work toward a smooth transition into our senior living community.  Prior to move in we ask for a Personal Journey to be completed. This provides us all with a biography of the resident’s important life choices including school, hobbies, professional life, marriage (if married), children and grandchildren plus any other interesting information to help us get to know them.  We wish to know as much about their life prior to move in as possible. Our Staff reads the Personal Journey prior to admission so that when the resident arrives, they can feel like an old friend.

There is familiarity and comfort from their first step into the community. Besides meeting with our nursing staff, they will meet our chef, donned in his white shirt and chef’s hat to discuss favorite food.  They will meet with our Program Director to talk about interests and how they wish to fill their time.  We ask what would they like to learn, and who would they like to meet.  All along, staff is there to help with a kind heart and a helping hand as your loved one is welcomed into their supportive, active, and loving new home.

To learn more about The Greens at Greenwich, reach out to Maria Scaros, Executive Director at 203.531.5500 or email:

My husband has been at The Greens for more than two years and he has been happy, stimulated and socialized more than I had any reason to expect. More importantly, in the last 6 months of Covid, he has been safe. Every decision The Greens has made over these last few months has wisely balanced safety, limitations and needs of the residents. The results are that they have not had a single case of Covid. Just amazing!

Shelley, wife of resident
Call Us — Schedule a visit to learn more. 203.531.5500
Call Us — Schedule a visit to learn more. 203.531.5500