Quality Care for Dementia – The Greens at Greenwich CT

Care that comes from the Heart. Care that touches the Heart.

Award winning facility for excellence in dementia care

The National Research Corporation, the country’s leading source of information about quality of care in senior living residences, has awarded The Greens at Greenwich its highest honor as one of the top 10% of the country’s assisted living residences for quality of care.

In developing individualized care for each resident we recognize the importance of considering the mind, body and spirit to empower and create a sense of wellness and belonging within our residents. This is one of the reasons why The Greens at Greenwich offers the best dementia care.

In caring from the heart, our staff sees each person as a three dimensional human being. When the words become jumbled and your loved one is anxious, we use proven methods to effectively understand their new language and help to transform their moods, outlook and feelings.

Our memory care environment is comfortable and secure as it cares for the whole person. We understand that each individual is unique and deserving of respect and dignity throughout their life journey.

“For those with dementia, the mind becomes compromised as the body ages. The human spirit is what we witness. When persons with dementia can no longer speak, their smile, their frown or their tears are a gateway to their heart and soul. We need to listen closely and tenderly with all our senses”, says Maria Scaros, Executive Director of The Greens at Greenwich.

The Mind – Where we think and store all that we come to know. In dementia, the mind’s storage space becomes fragmented. Experiences and memories that shape our character and activities are no longer available to inform us.

The Body – We learn to walk and use our body to communicate. Our body expresses our essence. Our walk can reveal a personality. Who we are is not only expressed through our mind, but also expressed through our body language.

The Spirit – This is the mysterious and elusive part of who and what we are. What is the human spirit? It is that part of us that is inexplicable yet genuine. Some refer to it as soul. It is our authentic self when all else fails.

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